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HOW TO REMOVE SPYWARE               


There are various ways to remove Spyware from your computer. The easiest is to use a Spyware remover. There are many different Spyware removers on the internet. Unfortunately, a lot of them actually install Spyware rather than removing it. If you run a Spyware scan every day and you find your pc infected with Spyware everyday then you could be using a Spyware scanner which actually just tells you there is Spyware on your computer, even though there isn't. This is simply a ploy to keep you paying for their software. In my personal opinion, I don't believe you should need to pay for a Spyware removal program when there are good free ones out there. The program I find myself using frequently is Microsoft Anti-Spyware and I have not had any problems with it at all. Another that I have found to work well is SpyBot: Search and Destroy.

In some cases Spyware may continue to come back day after day. This is normally because there is one piece of software left in your pc which can't be removed and this keeps re-installing the others.

There are many sites on the net which will show you how to remove Spyware step by step but unless you are an experienced computer user then I wouldn't advise to do this.

If worst comes to worst and you still can't get rid of Spyware infecting your computer then you should consider reformatting your computer or getting your local computer shop or onsite technician to reformat and clean the pc for you. If you do decide on this option make sure that you inform the shop of the data you wish to have backed up first otherwise they will just wipe it clean and you will lose everything. Alternatively, if you want a hassle-free removal process Sydney Spyware Solutions can come onsite to backup your data and remedy your spyware issues at an affordable price. Click the link on the left to see our advertisement.