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SYMPTOMS OF SPYWARE               

Your Internet connection or your computer is running slower than normal.

You constantly get pop-ups, advertising or spyware warnings when surfing the net.

Your browser home page (the first page that opens on the net) has changed.

Your dial up connection has a different username/password/phone number.

There are phone numbers on your phone bill that you didn't call.

Your computer is sending and receiving more data than it should be.

Your computer acts strange and seems to have a mind of its own.

You get a lot of bounced back emails or have emails sent that you didn’t send?

Your hard drive light appears to be working even when you aren’t doing anything on your computer.

You have new items added to your favourites that you didn’t add.

There are new toolbars installed in your browser that you didn’t install.

There are new icons on your desktop or new programs in your system tray.